The Details

We completely understand that family portraits can be stressful and intimidating, but not this time!  We are here to guide you through a luxurey experience that begins as we help you design your dream session and plan styles for what your family could wear and ends with us hanging the finished portrait art on your walls.
On the day of your session we will take our time and enjoy the process.  If the kids need a snack break, no problem. And that gives me an idea- we could even incorporate a picnic into your session design!  On the other hand, if hubby needs to get back to the office,we can get all of our dad shots finished up in 20 minutes and have him on his way.  My ultimate goal is for you to find yourself pleasantly surprised over how much fun you just had !
But the best part is yet to come.  It’s time to actually see what we’ve captured and create art with it !  About two weeks after your portrait session, the experience continues as we meet in the comfort of your own home for your Session Premiere.
The evening begins as we sit down together to watch the debut of your custom slideshow and continues with an array of product samples and guidance as you choose your custom wall art pieces.  We understand that planning, designing, and finding the perfect mix can be intimidating, but not this time.  You now have Sejal as your personal in-home portrait art designer.  The Session Premiere is truly a luxury experience designed to give you most personal attention possible.